Help Immigrant New Yorkers This Holiday Season

Immigrants are a vital part of New York City’s culture and economy. Yet due to factors like language barriers, stigma, and fear of accessing services, foreign-born New Yorkers are vulnerable to healthcare, housing, and employment challenges:

  • Two-thirds of healthcare providers report a reluctance among immigrant patients to seek medical care due to fear of deportation and stigma.
  • Immigrants are three times more likely to live in overcrowded conditions than native-born New Yorkers.
  • Nearly one third of immigrant workers earn less than $25,000 a year.
  • Immigrants with mental health concerns are far less likely to get treatment than people born in the U.S.

You can help protect immigrant New Yorkers this holiday season.

Project Renewal provides hope to immigrants through all our innovative programs.

We’re helping Jhojans overcome a history of unemployment, substance use disorder, and mental illness through our award-winning Culinary Arts Training Program. Abraham, once on the brink of homeless and suffering from chronic illness and dementia, is now living stably in our supportive housing. And, after a long struggle with alcoholism, Luis is renewing his life at our Recovery Center. 

These are just a few of the thousands of immigrants we have helped over the last 52 years. Your support will ensure we can continue delivering life-changing services to vulnerable New Yorkers like them.

Celebrate our city’s diversity and inclusivity by supporting immigrant New Yorkers through Project Renewal’s health, housing, and employment programs. 

Please donate now! Our generous Board of Trustees is matching the first $25,000 donated online.

We are grateful for your generous support!


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